How Is A Woman’s Sleep Unique?

From the experts at ADC’s HerCare

ImageHow well a woman sleeps has an effect on her quality of life. Being a woman, you probably know that there has been very little research on the sleep problems that only occur in women. If you suffered sleep problems, you may gave found healthcare professionals did not always take your sleep complaints seriously. Recent studies, however, have focused on women’s sleep patterns, needs and special problems. Did you know, for instance, that women are twice as likely as men to have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?

Research has also shown that women’s sleep changes over time. In general, women sleep most soundly and are least likely to have sleep troubles when they are young adults. Sleep problems in young adulthood are usually related to the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and motherhood. Also, young women who live a fast-paced lifestyle often cut back on sleep and ignore signs of fatigue, which can lead to daytime sleepiness, poor concentration and other daytime problems.

As women age, physical and hormonal changes affect the quality of sleep. Older women get less deep sleep and are more likely to wake up at night. Physical factors–such as arthritis, disorders of breathing, or hot flashes–may also disturb their sleep.

Sleep may also be disturbed when women feel stress, depression, fear or other strong emotions.

Getting enough sleep is very important to everyone’s life. Women who take care of home, work and family should know that getting sleep can improve concentration, job perfomance, social interaction, relationships and overall well-being.

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