What Causes and Who Gets Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)?

​Information provided by the National Institute of Health​

What Causes RLS?

Although the cause us unknown in most cases, certain factors may be associated with RLS:

  • Family History. RLS is known to run in some families – parents may pass the condition on to their children.
  • Pregnancy. Some women experience RLS during pregnancy, especially in the last months. The symptoms usually disappear after delivery.
  • Low Iron Levels or Anemia. Persons with these conditions may be prone to developing RLS. The symptoms may improve once the iron level or anemia is corrected.
  • Chronic Diseases. Kidney failure quite often leads to RLS. Other chronic diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and peripheral neuropathy may also be associated with RLS.
  • Caffeine intake. Decreasing caffeine consumption may improve symptoms.

ALSO: The Sleep Center at ADC can perform a Sleep Study to help with RLS victims.  Watch: The ADC Sleep Center

Who Gets RLS?

RLS occurs in both sexes. Symptoms can begin any time, but are usually more common and more severe among older people. Young people who experience symptoms of RLS are sometimes thought to have “growing pains” or may be considered “hyperactive” because they cannot easily sit still in school.

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