How Does Stress Affect My Sleep?

How Does Stress Affect My Sleep - Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic, P.A..

How Does Stress Affect My Sleep?

Many sleep problems are directly caused by stress. If you sometimes have trouble sleeping because of stress, you may start to develop certain strategies–such as regular napping, excessive use of caffeine, use of alcoholic beverages at bedtime, working at night, or sleeping at irregular times–to help you cope with a disturbed sleep schedule.

Yet once you have eliminated that stress, your coping strategy may have already become a habit, sometimes causing sleep problems to continue. You may find yourself in a cycle of repeated difficulty falling asleep; tension and a fear of sleeplessness can result.

Your bedroom, for instance, may become associated with unsuccessful attempts to sleep and with tension and anxiety. This may lead you to sleep on a sofa or in a chair because you are no longer able to sleep in your bedroom. This phenomenon is called termed conditioning.

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