4 Ways You Can Promote Sound Sleep

Promote Sound Sleep - Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic, P.A.

Promote Sound Sleep – Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic, P.A.

Distract Your Mind

Lying in bed frustrated because you cannot all asleep, and trying harder and harder to fall asleep, will never help you sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, try distracting your mind by reading, watching a movie (not television, because that gives you the time), listening to an audiobook, etc. For some people, it is good to do this in bed; other people find a different room better.

Curtail Time In Bed

Most insomniacs stay in bed longer than they should. This makes sleep more shallow and riddled with awakenings. Many people find that consistently cutting off time spent in bed helps them sleep more soundly and leads to a more refreshing sleep.

Manage Stress

The stress that stems from common life situations often contributes to sleep problems. A relaxing activity around bedtime can help relieve tension and encourage sleep. Taking some time to think clearly about your problems and propose a few solutions can have a positive effect on your sleep quality. Talking with a trusted friend or colleague to “air “out” troubling issues also can be helpful. Relaxation exercises, meditation, biofeedback, and hypnosis are sometimes good methods for controlling sleep problems. These techniques should be learned from a psychologist, physician, or other healthcare professional.

Designate “Worry Time”

Another technique that can be helpful is to designate a particular time for worry. This time is dedicated to sorting out problems and coming up with possible solutions. Set aside 30 minutes in the evening to sit alone and undisturbed. Try writing down problems in a list. Write your more serious worries on a 3 x 5 card, where you write one worry as it comes to mind (one per card). When you have all of your worries written down, sort the cards into three to five piles, according to the priority of each worry. Next, look at each card and formulate a possible solution to that worry. While not all worries will have easy solutions, even small progress in remedying a worry can yield helpful results. They morning after recording your worries, review the worry cards and begin to work on resolving the worries you’ve identified.



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