How To Give Vitamin B Injections (Video)

A Step-By-Step Process Guide On How To Give Vitamin B Shots

For personal application, or for caregivers, this video will show you how to safely administer the injection



Cindy Anderson, RN, MSCN guides us through the process of how to administer a Vitamin B shot either for yourself or as a caregiver who might be administering to another person.


Supplies You’ll Need

  1. Alcohol swab, or cotton ball and bottle of alcohol
  2. Syringe (We prefer 25 gauge, 1′ needle – the same as a flu shot)
  3. Physician-prescribed Vitamin B12
  4. You can practice on an orange or lemon, if necessary


Vitamin B Injection Guide BSA ADC Supplies You'll Need


How To Administer A Vitamin B12 Shot

Vitamin B12 Syringe

Typically dosage is 1cc, or 1ml but your physician may prescribe something different

NOTE: Vitamin B12 bottles typically don’t say “Vitamin B12” on the label. They say “Cyanocobalamin”

  1. Prep the skin: Take the alcohol and clean the surface of the skin and let dry to avoid burning sensations
  2. Remove the cap from the needle
  3. Pull the plunger down to 1cc, or 1ml
  4. Remove the plastic cap from the Vitamin B bottle
  5. Clean the top of the bottle stopper with alcohol swab
  6. On a stable surface, inject the needle through the rubber top of the bottle. You don’t have to be exact. Do what is comfortable for you.
  7. Hold the bottle, and using your dominant hand, push the plunger down (pushing the air into the bottle)
  8. Turn the bottle upside down, hodling your syrninge, pull the needle plunger back
  9. Pull past the 1, draw more than you need. This allows you to be able to push the air bubble out of the needle.
  10. If you have air bubbles, tap it with your finger, or on the side of the table to bring the bubbles to the top.
  11. Pull the syringe fully out
  12. You’re now ready to give the injection
  13. Make a “C” shape with your thumb and index finger of the hand you will not be using to hold the needle
  14. Put the “C” shape around the area of the injection
  15. Pull it taught
  16. Hold the needle however is comfortable for you
  17. Go straight in at a 90• angle
  18. Inject the needle all the way down
  19. Take the C, bracing your pinkie, grab the needle with your thumb and index finger for stability
  20. Keep stable, and using your free hand, push the medicine into the skin
  21. Inject at a gentle pace
  22. Pull straight back out
  23. Take the alcohol swab and rub the area once again
  24. Dispose of the needle in a safe place, like a milk carton, or coffee can. Anything with a lid and is secure

How to give Vitamin B12 Shot

How to give Vitamin B12 Shot

How to give Vitamin B12 Shot

How to give Vitamin B12 Shot

How to give Vitamin B12 Shot

How to give Vitamin B12 ShotHow to give Vitamin B12 Shot

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