Surefire Ways to Relieve Work Stress With a Vacation

Understand the benefits of taking time off from work, and heed these tips for a successful, stress-free break from the office.

Take a stress-free vacation

Vacations are important to your mental health. Stay organized at work so you can enjoy your time away from the office.

While it’s hard to fit into our busy schedules, taking some time off work is healthy. The many health benefits of taking a vacation include reduced blood pressure, relieved stress, reduced exhaustion and better-quality sleep. In other words, experts recommend the occasional break from work. 

More stress relieving benefits of taking a true break away from work include a boost of creativity, more time to spend on healthy habits and increased productivity.

But just the thought of taking a vacation stresses some people out. Many people chose to skip vacations because of the stress of being away from the office. It’s all about pre-vacation planning and a smooth transition out of the office.

What steps can I take before vacation to make sure my tasks get done without me?

  • Ensure that all project calendars are updated, and make sure the appropriate teammates are tagged in the calendars
  • Complete work as far in advance as possible before leaving, and update your teammates of the status
  • Set up an auto-email response and voicemail. It’s helpful to include an out-of-office message such as, “I’m on vacation through March 17. Please allow a delay in my response. If you need immediate assistance, please contact my colleague,”
  • Delegate projects/responsibilities to your colleagues
  • Organize and clean your office space for a pleasant return
  • Have a plan in place in case of work emergencies, including points of contact and protocols
  • Plan a post-vacation debriefing with a trusted colleague

How do I destress during vacation?

While on vacation, stay disconnected! So much planning and preparation have gone into being away, so don’t worry about checking your phone/laptop to see what you’re missing. Turn off all notifications, leave work technology behind, and silence your personal cell phone. Give yourself permission to stay disconnected and have a great time.

How do I get back into work mode after vacation?

Once you’ve enjoyed your time away, getting back to work can be nerve-wracking. Of course, you wonder what you missed. To prevent this feeling, don’t overload your schedule for the day you get back. Spread out meetings for the week, meet with a colleague to review what you missed and spend time organizing and responding to emails.

Vacation doesn’t have to be stressful. Be strategic with your vacation planning, and follow through with your work responsibilities. Enjoy your vacation and all the health benefits it brings!

How Do I Take a Mini Vacation at Work?

  • Move! Set an alarm to get pull away from your desk, get out of your chair and stretch with a quick walk or a couple sets of stairs. Movement breaks are especially important for those who work desk jobs.
  • Take one day off! Even short interval breaks between long work days are necessary to keep your brain stimulated to produce better work.
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