Flu Season is here – Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic

2012 is quickly approaching. And with the new year, come new deductibles. So, be sure to take advantage of the rest of the year by scheduling your next appointment at Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic. Also, remember that cold weather can bring flu. Make your check up count by getting your flu shots.

Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic - The answer for flu season

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Daniel Beggs, M.D. – On Colonoscopy | From Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic

Here at Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic, we strive to not only bring healing and restoration to our patients, but to also educate them concerning health issues that may affect them in the future.
No example is better than the latest video from the clinic: In it, Dr. Beggs, of the Gastroenterology department, discusses little-known facts concerning a Colonoscopy. Taking time to learn from the video will help you know the most important aspects of what can be done to help decrease your chances of potentially harmful instances.