Your Poor Sleep May Be Effecting Your Newborn

Sleep Apnea May Affect Birth Outcome

Diana Mahoney, Elsevier Medical News

MINNEAPOLIS – Women with sleep-disordered breathing have an increased likelihood of adverse pregnancy outcomes, but it is unclear whether the heightened risk can be attributed primarily to the breathing disorder or to obesity, reported lead investigator Dr. Francesca L. Facco.

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Sleep disordered breathing (SBD) occurs in approximately 2% of the female population and has been linked to cardiovascular and metabolic morbidities¬†and mortality in non-pregnant¬†populations, said Dr. Facco of Northwestern University in Chicago. However, “few studies have examined the relationship between abnormal respiratory patterns or quality of ventilation during sleep in pregnancy and adverse obstetrical outcomes, which is what we sought to do in this investigation,” she said at the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies.

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